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CCTV System

Many centre users have noticed the installation of a new CCTV system at Abermule Communtiy Centre and various questions have been asked. As it is important for the Communtiy to understand the reasons behind the installation and investment, we are publishing responses to the most frequently asked questions.

What was wrong with the previously installed system?
The system had become obsolete, we had been losing functionality since late 2017, in 2018 the system had completely stopped working.

The quality of images was also poor by modern standards, the new system comes with HD cameras and recording.

What is the need for CCTV at Abermule Communtiy Centre?
Ultimately the CCTV has been installed for the Comfort, Safety and Security for those using Abermule Communtiy Centre and the surrounding Community. However, as a licensed premises, it is one of the operating conditions of our licence that a working CCTV system which is installed and that the system is approved by local police.

In the past we have been able to assist the police by providing CCTV footage, it also acts as a deterrent for anti social behaviour in and around the Communtiy Centre.

Where are the cameras recording?
As before the system covers the majority of the Communtiy Centre grounds with the addition internal corridor. Digital privacy screens are in place where Cameras overlook private property (this prevents them being seen or recorded on the CCTV System).

Who can view the CCTV?
It is unlikely "live" CCTV will be monitored at Abermule Communtiy Centre. It is currently our policy that CCTV will only be access at the request of the police or in the event of a serious incident and it is agreed by the trustee group. Otherwise the CCTV is in a locked room which is not accessible by the general public and is password protected.

How much did the new CCTV System Cost?
The invoice for our new system was just under £3000, which includes the equipment, installation and a 3 year warranty and VAT. Hopefully, as a registered charity we will be able to claim just under £500 VAT back making this a sound and affordable investment.

The use of CCTV is governed by the ICO and Data Protection Act.

Abermule Communtiy Centre was supplied and installed by: ORP Surveillance Ltd Church Lodge Leighton, Welshpool SY21 8HL.

If CCTV at Abermule Communtiy centre is a concern for you, please contact info@abermule.cymru