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Abermule Communtiy Centre Digital Services

Abermule Community Centre Digital Services

Over the past two years, with additional affiliated groups joining and improved access to booking, centre usage has significantly increased.In addition to this, we also have a rapidly growing 'Online Community'. For some time, groups and users have enjoyed access to there abermule.cymru e-mail address and the ability to host a website on our servers. We are continually developing services to ensure that our online services are as successful as the Centre itself.In June 2019, we launched HD Web Conferencing, Webcasting / Broadcasting Channel and MS Exchange Hosting. These new services are already a huge success. Web Conferencing has allowed groups to plan activities at Abermule Community Centre meeting online at a time convenient to members, from the comfort of their home.MS Exchange has improved communication across the Community. Our growing directory means that contacting another user is safe and straightforward. MS Teams provides a platform for private or public discussion and the ability to share ideas, work on and share documents.We are currently in the process of developing an Online Community Bulletin Board. Digital Services are available to Affiliates Groups and Individual Members of the Abermule Community. Please get in touch for access or further info.